The beauty of the cross

Romans 5:8, but God demonstrates His OWN love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us. As I meditated on the above the word OWN stood out as I coloured. From the letters of the word LOVE I put words to

Life OWN Victory Exceptional Excellent Extraordinary

God has been affirming from His OWN love we receive our OWN Victory in Him. It is most profound to let God speak His way.”


“The cross represents the blood of Christ and our sin, which has been covered by the resurrection of Christ and therefore continually gives us forgiveness, renewing us each and every day. The flowers represent life and hope. When weaving the thread between the nails I felt led to weave in no particular direction just letting it develop organically. This I felt represented trust in God as He weaves our lives.”


“I felt bathed in God’s love.”



 The stream, beneath a Queen Anne’s Laced bank,

cascades playfully down a diminutive, three-stepped waterfall.

Its chuckling is heard around a blue and white-belled, wooded garden,

and seems to sing a perpetual psalm of praise,

“Join my song, let me sing into your mind, heart and soul

and lift your senses above earth-bound anxieties;

let me wash away all decay and poison,

to reveal your pure self.

Let me sooth and joy you into the presence of LOVE,

Who created you and alone is worthy of worship and devotion.

He is the Most High, who invites you, with many voices,

to find rest and shelter beneath His guardian shadow,

 and offers, without cost, refuge inside his fortress,

  covering you with soft, warm wings.

His love and faithfulness banish fear,

illuminate your darkness, and beckon you to dwell in him,

and welcome him to dwell in you.

You are his child, and as you return his love,

you will become like Him.


I looked down my attention was drawn to 2 beautiful tiny blue flowers, weeds I think, something usually I would have missed seeing – I felt the Lord saying He sees me, and felt Him showing me the buds around the flowers are new life, beginnings to come.


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