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What we do

Created Creative is a Christian charity that supports God’s healing through creativity in churches, in mission situations, in communities, anywhere!

Reach the Unreachable

We work currently in the UK, Middle East & Eastern Europe enabling healing through creativity times; sharing God’s love and healing, for Him to bring relief to traumatic events, times of conflict and difficult life situations.

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Helping Churches Through Training

We equip churches and mission organisation's by offering times of training to reach out to their communities. We also offer times of creativity with a focus on team building.

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Running Creativity Workshops and Seminars

We run workshops in churches, communities and organisation's. For example we would run a creativity day or a praying in colour session in your organisation or church.

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Creativity times are for everyone, both men and women whether you think you are creative or not. Be ready to be surprised and see God at work!

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Through creativity God brings healing.

The benefits of creativity include, discovering a true sense of purpose, helping community integration by sharing an experience together and increasing self esteem.


Are you thinking…. ”But I’m not creative?”

We are all creative whether we think it or not, as we are all created in God’s image; He is Creator God.


Expect Surprises!

As we create we find out more about who we truly are – the real me.

What Others Say

Created Creative – How it benefits people

“Over the last few years our understanding has grown of the impact of various difficult or traumatic experiences and the extent to which many of us, if not all, have been affected. With the growing awareness of mental health issues, it is clear that if people are given the right kind of support at the right time, serious long-term health issues can be avoided. We see the effectiveness of creativity in helping to unlock our emotions and facilitate healing and restoration.

Experience in our own church in Buckingham and in working with other organisation’s in the UK, in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe has confirmed that ‘creativity’ has a significant place today in helping people who have been affected by the raw experiences of life. This has led to the conviction that the work done by Created Creative has a significant part to play in helping people both within churches and the wider community.”

Revd Michael Greig, 
Mission & Outreach Group & Pastoral Team, Buckingham Parish Church

What Others Say

Small group time, UK

“As someone who considers himself far from being a creative person, I have been encouraged to engage with the resources at my own level and to reflect on the output. As a result, I have heard from God in an affirming and practical way that offers healing and personal transformation.”


What Others Say

Church Outreach and training, Overseas

“People in Eastern Europe need a lot of healing after so many years under the Communist regime, and I believe one of the ways through which the Lord is bringing healing is through creativity, we invited Emma to come here and minister to us God’s love and healing. We had an outreach in a small town, to over 20 gypsy children and to mature people too using creativity.

We also had times of creativity in our church, including having the first breakfast ever for ladies in our congregation, with prayer and creativity. Many were touched by God and received emotional healing and we have some beautiful testimonies from that day.

It was an amazing time of healing and breakthrough for us as a community.”

Church Leader
Eastern Europe

What Others Say

Creativity day, Overseas

“I was able to express what I was unable to find words for and get out onto paper with paint what was trapped inside of me, as I did this I found I was beginning to release the pain and hurt inside and give it to Jesus and He was healing me.”


What Others Say

Creativity seminar, UK

“The session on being creative was totally out of my comfort zone, but was so powerful and God was able to speak to me through my weakness.”


What Others Say

Women’s morning, Overseas

“It was special to gather as women, to share and create together, to have time to be and hear from God. We now run monthly creativity mornings at our local church and seeing the Lord bringing women from all backgrounds together and through the sharing and exploring together precious relationships are forming.”


Who we are

Created Creative is based in Buckingham and run by Emma Elias, who has been equipping and helping churches and mission organisation's in the UK and overseas since 2012.

She has an art teaching and training background which God has restored. Through this God has given her a heart and passion to draw alongside others, to see Him bring His love, truth and freedom to lives.

The trustees of Created Creative

  • Emma Elias
  • Justin Elias
  • Mandy Hagon
  • Angela Hardy
  • Pauline Stanton-Saringer

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Creativity Workshops

Each creativity time is tailored to a group’s need and we travel to where you are.

Creativity times

This could include:

  • Small group creativity evening
  • Praying in colour session
  • A creativity day for a church congregation or outreach
  • Men’s or women’s creativity morning

Creativity in training

All tailored to your church/organisation's specific needs. This could include:

  • Team training creativity session
  • Leadership creativity team time
  • Outreach creativity team time

Creativity activities

This could include:

  • Collage/mixing media
  • Painting/mark making
  • Felting/needle punching
  • Clay/3D modelling
  • Dance and movement
  • Creative writing

Anything is possible and we are all creative whether we think it or not!

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Giving to Created Creative

Ways to give to Created Creative

Everything we do is made possible by your giving, thank you.

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Emma Elias, Created Creative, Buckingham Parish Church, Castle Street, Buckingham MK18 1BS