Spring/Summer 2022

God loves us!

We hope this spring/summer update finds you well.

In an increasingly turbulent post pandemic world it feels even more important to be reminded that God is with us, loves us and hasn’t abandoned us.

Our world and media are cottoning on to the truth that we need to find a special place to be quiet, to reflect, and to spend time in nature to help our well-being. I was reminded of this through the Chelsea flower show, where designers were inspired to create quiet havens – exactly what God wants for us at this time.

This doesn’t mean visiting a garden show necessarily, but finding that quiet, nourishing place that is special to us and where we can ‘be still and know that God is God.’ For me recently in a remote valley in West Wales, surrounded by the sound of birdsong and a running stream, with no phone signal, I found that place to stop, breathe and refocus on God and His goodness and love. Where is your safe haven?

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What’s been happening?

It is so positive to be able to run more and more physical creativity sessions again and has been wonderful to work with groups in churches and organisations locally, with youth and adult groups alike. God is so good and continues to surprise, bless and heal us as we make time to be with Him through creativity.

One person shared “it seems so hard to set aside the time to be with Him yet doing this today has been so reassuring and brought peace deep within, I know God is with me in what I am facing and that has brought me a fresh realisation of His comfort and strength.”

Creativity sessions continue online for those further afield and overseas and those locally who find it easier to attend online. We hope to travel overseas later this year, continuing to share God’s love through creativity with those we meet.

Let’s encourage one another to find some time to create with our Maker over the summer months. Do book onto a session if you would like to – there is something so special about being part of a group creating with the Lord.

As one of our workshop facilitators said recently after a session “When we all focus on the same scriptures within a creativity time, there is a great blessing as the Father reveals more of His truth to each one of us, and as we share at the end, it is so encouraging and strengthening to see and hear the diversity of God in each one of us, that He has created us so uniquely.”

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Thank you for your support and prayers. We hope Created Creative’s news has encouraged and blessed you and we look forward to hearing from you and being in touch again soon.

With love, the Created Creative Team

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Would your church be interested in some taster creativity sessions (either via zoom or face to face) for groups to find out more about how God meets us through creativity and how a creative time benefits our wellbeing?

Do get in touch for an information pack or forward our details on to your leaders. We would love to connect with them.

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