Created Creative – How it benefits people

“Over the last few years our understanding has grown of the impact of various difficult or traumatic experiences and the extent to which many of us, if not all, have been affected. With the growing awareness of mental health issues, it is clear that if people are given the right kind of support at the right time, serious long-term health issues can be avoided. We see the effectiveness of creativity in helping to unlock our emotions and facilitate healing and restoration.

Experience in our own church in Buckingham and in working with other organisation’s in the UK, in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe has confirmed that ‘creativity’ has a significant place today in helping people who have been affected by the raw experiences of life. This has led to the conviction that the work done by Created Creative has a significant part to play in helping people both within churches and the wider community.”

Revd Michael Greig, 
Mission & Outreach Group & Pastoral Team, Buckingham Parish Church

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