Peace Reflections

Seeking Peace

Hold me so my feet don’t feel the bumpy road.
Allow me to find You where You once reached, and certainty flowed.
Bring me to that place of steadfast trust.
Where I can count my blessings in this life’s adjust.
You are the One who cures my fears when all seems
blurry and rejoices over me despite me being unworthy.
You are the only unshakable rock as I try to steady my being.
Help me find Your peace that’s ever freeing.



Peace Colouring

“I felt very restless in my spirit this past week and the creativity session was perfect for me to be filled with peace again. God gave me different verses for different aspects of my colouring in: 

Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 40:30-31, Psalm 23:2, Psalm 36:5.

“The big grey bird represents God/Jesus. The brown birds under the grey bird represents me/us. Jesus holds us under His wings and is protecting us. The sunshine reminds me that He is the light of the world and His love is like the sunshine-always there and everywhere!”


Spring Unwound

Slow down, look around
Take time to see – shades of green,
Yellows, reds, myriad hues,
Trees, flowers, skies so blue

Slow down, look around
Take time to feel – soft, warm breeze,
Sun’s welcome heat, sheep’s winter fleece,
Hope rising, new possibilities

Slow down, look around,
Take time to hear – dawn blackbird’s song,
Field skylark’s shrill, lamb’s plaintiff call,
Stream’s babbling thrill

Slow down, look around,
Take time to see,
Take time to feel,
Take time to hear,
Take time to live


“God was telling me He IS peace, the Prince of Peace. He fills the gap, in my picture AND more importantly in my life in this crazy world.”


Waiting on you Lord

Squinting in fear. Your light seems muffled in the distance
Like shooting stars, beams of light start to appear
Compassion – Love – Healing – Forgiveness
Light after light pierce the darkness.



My God

You are the Prince of Peace
You are my salvation
In this time of uncertainty
You are in the midst of everything
You are my peace
You are in control
Nothing takes You by surprise
You long for mankind to come to You
Your arms are open wide
To welcome back your sons and daughters
When will You come?
What are You waiting for?


I felt this drawing was about letting go and getting peace. Sometimes you have to give up, something good, to get something better. Romans 12:1 springs to mind.


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