Monthly Inspiration – May 2024

Welcome to Created Creative’s May update

Last month our sessions focussed on the beauty of the cross and God’s amazing love for us. We had a wonderful creativity retreat at Stanton House, a much needed day of restoration for all to be still and to hear afresh from the Lord. One person summed it up perfectly, ‘ I felt bathed in God’s love’.
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Our next zoom session is on Monday, 20 May at 7.15pm.

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‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’

Matthew 5:9

Creativity times

Responses to ‘the beauty of the cross’

“God has been affirming from His OWN love we receive our OWN Victory in Him.”

“When weaving the thread between the nails I felt led to weave in no particular direction just letting it develop organically. This I felt represented trust in God as He weaves our lives.”

Creativity times are opportunities to be refreshed and restored as we discover and explore our God given creativity with our Maker. A session can help relieve anxiety and stress and enhance wellbeing. Everyone is welcome. We are all creative whether we think it or not – be ready to be surprised!

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Have a blessed month of May.

With love,

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