Isaiah 61 reflections

“As I drew this crown of oak leaves, I saw myself in the middle. The oil poured on me and the words coming down were Trust, love, comfort etc and falling away below was pain, ruin, sadness, alone.”


The words on the oak tree read:

Growing from a tiny seed; a small capsule of huge potential. Roots developing, extending, searching for refreshment and nutrition. Becoming strong pushing through the dark soil, hidden from view, unseen but essential stability. As above ground a young sapling reaches upwards to heaven, its trunk ever widening and strengthening. Deep green leaves shimmering in the warmth of the sun. Branches waving in praise, as gentle breezes caress the crown of beauty. Beauty that can only come from roots that go forever deeper and wider in secret, peaceful communion enabling growth, strength and splendour.


Isaiah 61: 3 – “when reading this verse, I was drawn to these words ‘Garment of Praise’, I then started to visualise what this might look like, what it would feel like to touch, and then what it would feel like to wear it.   I then visualised a heavy cloak that enveloped me totally in devotion and pure joy. The cloak dances in worship celebrating all of Gods blessings.”


“I love the sense of colour, freedom and movement expressed in this picture, as simple as it is. It makes me want to dance in worship.”


Stop Wishing For What You’re Missing

Protect you, from daily harms

Love you, gathered in their arms.

Feed you, till your tummy’s full

Hear you, when you call.

Guide you, through their sight

Teach you, to do what’s right.

Support you, as you mature

Encourage you, to help endure.

But sometimes the plan can be faulty,

The parenthood path can be jolty.

No blame, no shame for those that tried,

Whose ailing minds and bodies, too broken or died.

Sit with the loss and grief in your lap,

Then own the present, own your gap.



“I have been doing a lot of work around accepting and loving myself and my picture depicts two grave stones with the strong oak standing beside them…the first letting go of the people I have lost and am mourning, then the second letting go of the pain and hurt of my past that can so easily define me. My words depict me reaching up to Gods hand and him giving me the words which will bring me joy and freedom…The wonderful words from the scriptures of Isaiah brought this image to me…”


To heal the broken hearted- I had a picture of my heart broken in 2, and how God glued me back together, but using His Golden glue, Himself. (and like the Japanese art of Kintsugi). So, I drew a heart with the split down the middle and as I was praying, I felt God smile and I replied and said I was in more bits than just in two, wasn’t I?! So, more cracks were drawn, and thus more gold was needed to glue me back together, and now as I look, my heart has more of Him and less of me, but the bits of me are the bits He has chosen to use. I finished the gold and red colouring at 8.15pm. And then God said, “go, get your bouquet!” In the Message translation it says v3 “to give them a bouquet of roses instead of ashes” so I popped out to the shop, got a big bunch of beautiful roses; there was no one in the shop, there was no queue at the check-out, so I was back home, roses cut, in a vase for exactly our end time of 8.35pm! NOW that’s God’s planning!”


“The thought that I had that went with the picture was that our effectiveness in binding up the broken hearted depends on how much we rely on the Holy Spirit.”



One day I’ll fly,

defy all that denies possibility;

the lies of gravity,

that drag down to darkness,

where we cannot see the truth

and have no power,

but cower in a corner,

wedged between cold stone walls

of desperate security,

from which we cannot fall any more.

One day dull, grey ashes will be changed

to beautiful, bright colours;

dark mourning will be turned to tears of joy,

and heavy, stained and tattered garments

transformed into weightless,

other-worldly robes of praise and glory.


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