Behind the mask reflections

“This picture is about the joy of knowing who we are in Christ.”



We all wear masks, from time to time,

to hide the real ‘me’,

because we do not like ourselves

or through anxiety.

But now we’re forced to wear them,

and to keep away from others,

when what our hearts are longing for

is to love, like sisters and brothers.

Behind our masks we suffocate,

and shrink, for lack of air, warm embraces, kisses,

instead of tears and despair.

But we know things are improving,

and are longing for the day

when we celebrate with loved ones,

and throw these masks away.


“I was blown away as after I finished decorating the shell I saw there was a natural heart under the word I wrote “Chosen”. Can you see it? The before and after of the shell reminded me of the Lord’s transforming grace and truth, that I am cleansed by His blood and righteousness. I hope this may encourage others.”


“I struggle to feel worthy at times so this is my portrayal of acceptance and love by the God of my understanding…”


A visit and a gift

I went unexpectedly into the beginning of dusk,

and you offered me another gift of your creation. 

Beautiful light from a setting sun, touching

and bringing to life the water’s surface,

Reflected too in the Swallows and Martins 

dancing just above the water,

sound and light and colour in one miraculous palette, touched me.

My heart was free.

I was now a child accepting his Father’s love.


I have learned so much from my patient pansies which never got around to being planted! How they survived snow, hail, frost and general neglect and uncomplainingly produced some beautiful flowers! They’re tough in their beauty. An example to us all.



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