Winter update 2023

Hope filled!

We hope this news update finds you well.

With winter upon us and the busyness of life, it can be hard sometimes to feel hope filled and instead to feel a bit hopeless. Our world is becoming increasingly more unsettled and turbulent and listening to the news can make us feel hopeless, and cause heightened anxiety and concern.

In these ever-challenging times it is of such importance for us to fix our eyes on our hope, Jesus, and His ever-present light. ‘May the God of hope, fill us with all joy and peace as we trust in Him.’ Romans 15:13.

I was recently struck afresh by the hope-filled words in Charlie Mackesy’s book, ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ especially where he writes:

“Isn’t it odd, we can only see our outsides but nearly everything happens on the inside”.

How true! Each of us is unique and a one-off creation by God, so we respond differently to all that happens to us. Only Jesus sees our inside, only He knows our deepest needs and longings, and that which needs his healing touch.

For the Lord does not look at the things man looks at. A man looks at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

It is beautiful how Jesus meets us where we are at when we allow Him into our situations and give Him the space to bring His truth and restoration deep on the inside. As He brings His healing on the inside, we radiate more of His beauty on the outside for others to see. Isn’t it amazing how God cares most about our insides unlike the world that is more interested in our outer appearance and whether we ‘fit’ by world standards?

We have been privileged to see God touching the inside of people through creativity times over the past months both via zoom and in person. One participant shares:

“These creative expressions that I make in the creativity sessions have become a way to seal what God is doing in my heart. When I sit and draw or write or sing (anything creative), it settles in my heart and becomes part of who I am. Seeing my pieces again and again reminds me of what He said and brings me to His feet. It has also become a great way for me to share a testimony or bless someone, as the pieces always have a story of God’s voice behind them.”

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What’s ahead?

We are excited to see how the Lord will move in the months ahead through creativity, we hope to travel overseas once again after a long gap due to the covid pandemic and to visit the Middle East and Eastern Europe over the coming months. We will also be helping new churches in the UK to introduce creativity times as well as continuing our regular zoom and in person sessions. The heart of the ministry is to share the good news of how the Lord can bring His love and healing and meet with us through creativity in simple yet profound, life changing ways.

Please help us to spread the word and if you think your church or organisation could benefit from creativity times do get in touch or pass our details on and we will do all we can to help. Zoom sessions are a great introduction and run monthly, dates are on our website.

As one of our workshop facilitators said after a session “When we all focus on the same scriptures within a creativity time, there is a great blessing as the Father reveals more of His truth to each one of us, and as we share at the end, it is so encouraging and strengthening to see and hear the diversity of God in each one of us, that He has created us so uniquely.”

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Thank you for your support and prayers. We hope Created Creative’s news has encouraged and blessed you and we look forward to hearing from you and being in touch again soon.

With love, the Created Creative Team

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Would your church be interested in some taster creativity sessions (either via zoom or face to face) for groups to find out more about how God meets us through creativity and how a creative time benefits our wellbeing?

Do get in touch for an information pack or forward our details on to your leaders. We would love to connect with them.

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