Autumn/winter 2020-2021

An Increase In Creativity Globally

The Western Mail newspaper recently wrote:

“In years to come, the art created during the pandemic will tell the history of the lockdown, of the experience and reaction to such a worldwide event and shift in daily life.”

There has been an increased interest in creativity globally as we battle with a rise in mental health issues, fear, anxiety and depression. Creativity is reported more and more as of benefit at this time as relief and comfort can be found in the art of expressing what is within. We have had the privilege of seeing this first hand, as God touches and brings His healing to hearts.

Zoom Creativity Times

Over the past months Zoom creativity sessions have been well attended. These times offer a safe, peaceful space to be together, create, express and receive the Lord’s comfort and healing. The testimonies shared have been deep and each creative expression made precious and profound, often surprising the hands that made it, be it a piece of creative writing, a painting, a collage. The Lord has been reassuring those who don’t feel they are creative that they are. Praise Him.

One participant shares: “The creative time we had just flew by.  It was a real joy to see an array of creativity from the group.  So many beautiful words, thoughts, colours and artistic lettering too. It’s amazing how all of us bring such varied expression. There seems to be such an honest truth in these expressions, a real opening of the heart.”    

It has been a blessing and a privilege to have been able to facilitate sessions with groups from Romania, The Middle East and the UK as well as open sessions for all. Participants have found quiet spots within their homes often in a desperation to come together and seek the Lord.

We are thankful for the opportunities the Zoom times have given and are planning to continue these as well as re-introducing physical local outreach sessions as restrictions are lifted.

Creative Expressions

After a session entitled ‘Drawing Closer’ one participant shares: “I focused on the hand of God reaching out to save me; securing, beckoning, holding, embracing. As I meditated on that, I wrote the poem:”

A meditation on my Father’s hand

My Father’s hand reaches out to me, His child.

His index finger points to me – It’s you I want!

His hand beckons to me – come to Me!

His palm is open to me – to receive me and to give me what I need.

His thumb hooks around me as I draw near, to keep me close and to strengthen His loving grip.

His hand clasps around me, to protect me and to secure me as His possession.

His ring finger extends to receive me – I am bound to Him and He to me forever.

The bond is made, the invitation received and accepted, the knot tied, my identity and future secured.

He will not let me go, slip or fall. His strength, love, protection and identity are mine!

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Can You Help Us?

One of the challenges we face as a result of COVID-19 is that some of our financial partners have had to stop giving at this time.

Our monthly outgoings as a charity remain the same and in order for us to continue this ministry, we are appealing to those of you who may be in a position where you can help us financially – either through a one-off gift or by becoming a regular monthly partner for this season. The ways you can make a donation are:

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We appreciate and value your prayers and support especially at this time, thank you.

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Never Too Old To Be Creative!

News from Created Creative supporters in the USA – a lady 94 years young has discovered a new hidden gift of drawing faces after encouragement from her daughter to be creative. “It has brought great joy and opened possibilities that were unknown until now”. Praise God! The card she coloured in for them:

We hope this update has inspired and encouraged you.

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Keep well and safe in this new season,

The created Creative Team

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