Advent and other reflections

Safely held in the hands of the Father,

The cross before me,

The Holy Spirit over and in me.

Peaceful, relaxed, known and blessed.

Not moving, just gazing

Cool air from beating wings

Fanning the flame within.

Joy rising,

Gratitude overflowing.

All your promises are YES and AMEN


“Whilst thinking about Psalm 18:16 ‘He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters‘ I painted a picture of God’s hand reaching down from on high, taking hold of me and drawing me out of deep water. The hand, cut from a magazine, is the hand of someone sandpapering a piece of wood. This spoke to me of God who, after rescuing us, wants to shape us and use us – it’s so exciting that there’s so much more from God yet to come, each and every day.”


“I was working at a baby house for abandoned and neglected babies. When I read this scripture, suddenly I understood so much better what Jesus meant when he said he won’t leave us as orphans. Thank God for sending us the Holy Spirit, and for putting the lonely into families.”



Held by your everlasting arms,

I need never fall;

Created by your Word,

I need never fear the words of others;

You surround me,

so my enemy cannot harm me;

You are in me,

and turn my darkness into light;

You are with me,

so I need not feel alone;

You are my strength,

so I need not fear weakness;

You are my Saviour,

so I need not be anxious about the future,

in this world or the next.


“I had this picture come to me of snow swirling gently as it falls to the ground and how every snow flake is made different. Like the snow flake God has made us individual. He carries us like the snow as we float through life gently guiding us as we swirl through the ups and downs. The lamp light illuminates the beauty of each individual snow flake just like us – when we live in his light.”



“My creation is based on Psalm 91:1 and the word ‘shelter’. It shows the tree of life – I was reminded all of us have a God given identity whether we know it or believe it. At the centre is a heart with the word Destiny which as Gods creation’s we all have.”


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