Acceptance Reflections


“I chose a page from a colouring book to respond through this evening. I remembered my word for this year: fruitful. I feel that I’m in a difficult season, and I was reminded I have to accept the process. Flourishing is part of the process to becoming fruitful and I am in the process…Amen.”


Not alone..

Isolated but not alone

Locked in but free

Solitary but surrounded

Empty yet overflowing

Silent yet rejoicing

Crowned with compassion and love

Forgiven, cleansed

Blessed, filled

Healed, Peace.

Inspired by Psalm 103


Healing inner child – “Sometimes your inner child needs some love, grace and acceptance and I was inspired by God to paint mine during our creative evening, allowing the Lord’s healing and nurturing and grace to run deep.”



I stand where I stand

and see what I see.

I hear what I hear

and understand what I understand.

If I could stand where you stand,

 see what you see,

and hear what you hear,

then I might have a different understanding.


“God takes my fears and concerns and offers His wisdom when I let Him have them.”


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